Best Surya Gas Stove to Buy In 2021 -Reviews & Buying Guide

Surya has been the most trusted and preferred brand in India. It manufactures a variety of Gas stove with great features every year. Well, appliances are very important in a kitchen to save your time and energy.

Gas stoves have become a very important appliance in modern kitchens. So, today we would discuss the different models of the Gas stove from Surya. We will provide you with detailed information about its unique features. That way, you can have a good buy. Follow this article for all your queries.

We have prepared a comprehensive list to guide you for a good purchase. Here is the list for the top ten best Surya gas stove.

10 Best Surya Gas Stove to Buy in 2021

1) Surya Crystal Gas Stove

Surya Crystal SCR1004R 3 Burner Auto Gas Stove.

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This featured rich gas stove from Surya has auto-ignition with Japanese technology. Its body is made up of stainless steel and has durable glass with Japanese technology.

It has four brass burner tops and Bakelite knobs. Its knobs are very easy to use. You can cook yours efficiently in no time.

The gas consumption level is also low, which is a good feature of this product. The gas stove is easy to clean for it’s well designed and sleek body. This automatic gas stove weighs around 7-8 kg.


  • Two years manufacturer warranty.,
  • Easy to use.
  • Low gas consumption.
  • ISI certified gas stove.


  • Customers are unhappy about the glass top. It breaks within a few months.

2) Surya Flame Glass top Gas Stove

Suryaflame Gas Stove 4 Burners Glass Top 4B Supreme Black Glass...

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This gas stove infused with modern technology from Surya is preferred and liked by customers. It has well-designed classic look and a stainless body. It is equipped with four burners: 1 small, two medium, and one large.

It is ISI certified. This gas stove consumes less gas. It has four pan support, and you can use it effortlessly. Cook your food in just a few minutes.

This stove is designed by professionals for the convenience of different households. The weight of this stove is 10 kg.


  • Convenient for large families as it comes with four brass burners.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • ISI certification is there.
  • Easy to use. Budget-friendly.


  • Gas pipeline doesn’t work with this particular gas stove.

3) Surya Flame Ignition Gas Stove

Surya Flame LPG Gas Stove 3B Opera SS NA - ISI & CE Certified...

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This ISI certified stove from Surya comes with many advanced features. Its body is of stainless steel. It has three brass burners and supports universal pan size.

It is built in that way; it supports all sized vessels and utensils. It consumes less gas as well. It has four anti-skid feet as well, so that it would not move while cooking food.

This gas stove is also easy to clean thanks to its sleek design.


  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • This gas stove is ISI certified.
  • It has convenient temperature control knobs.


  • Customer reviews are not good. This gas would show some problems in the long term.

4) Surya Flame Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Surya Flame 1B Panther Stainless Steel Manual Ignition LPG Gas...

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This stove gas equipped with one main unit, four anti skid rubber, is very convenient for people who live alone. It has only one brass burner and comes with three pan support.

This modern, designed gas stove is ISI certified. It weighs about 3 kg, which is less heavy than all other gas stoves on this list. Its body is made up of stainless steel. It has anti-skid feet, which will make your cooking easy.

It won’t move unless force is applied.


  • ISI certified product.
  • Easy to use. Budget-friendly.
  • Convenient for small families or when you live alone.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.


  • Would be challenging to cook food for huge families.

5) Surya Gas Flame Gas Stove

Suryaflame Gas Stove 4 Burners Glass Top 4B Black Beauty MS NA...

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This non-automatic gas stove comes with four brass burners: two small, one medium, and one jumbo burner. The glass top is 7 mm thick and won’t break any time sooner.

It has an ignition powder coated ms body, so no questions about its durability. This product is ISI and CE certified. It would fit in your kitchen perfectly.

It weighs about 10 kg 500 grams.


  • Comes with great features.
  • ISI and CE certified product.
  • Convenient for large families.
  • Powder coated robust body.


  • The reviews of this product are not good. The product is not up to mark as per the price.

6) Golden Surya Gas Stove

SuryaJwala Toughened Glass Gas Stove Royal Black (LPG Compatible)...

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The golden Surya gas stove has a stainless steel body. It is one of the lightest weighted stoves on this list. It weighs about 4 kg 860 grams.

It is comparatively cheaper and comes with two burners. It is compatible with small families. It is ISI certified product.

The sleek design of this product makes it easy for us to clean it. Can cook the food within a few minutes.


  • Product is value for money.
  • Easy to use. Budget-friendly.
  • Equipped with temperature control knobs. So cook your food with minimum or maximum heat you prefer.
  • ISI certified product.
  •   Two years manufacturer warranty.


  • Its body is not strong in comparison to other enlisted products.

7) Surya Sakti Gas Stove

SHRI SURYA SHAKTI ShriBalaJi Shining Flame Classic Stainless...

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This gas stove is ideal for all kinds of households. It is equipped with two brass burners. Its body is durable and rust-resistant. It weighs about 4 kg 200 grams.

The glass top of this product is well designed and smooth. It’s easy to clean and have a hassle-free time in your kitchen.

It is convenient to cook in this gas stove.


  • This product is value for money.
  • Comes with temperature controlling knobs to make your cooking easy.
  • ISI certified product.
  • Suitable for small families.


  • It has been reviewed that the glass top gets crack within a few months of buying.

8) Surya Flame Gas Stove

Suryaflame Gas Stove 3 Burners Glass Top 3B Crystal Black GT MS...

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This exclusive product from Surya is value for money. It comes with two medium burners and a small burner. It weighs about 7 kg 800 grams. Its body is well built.

So, you won’t face any problem while cooking food. It requires less gas consumption. The glass top is well designed, with features worth trying.


  • ISI certified product.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Toughened glass top with a sleek design.
  • Easy to use, Budget-friendly.
  • Feature rich product. Can cook your food in no time.


  • Reviews of this product are not good. It would show some issues after one month of usage.

9) Surya Flame Glass Top Gas Stove

Suryaflame Gas Stove 2 Burners Glass Top 2B Lifestyle SS NA (ISI...

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This exclusive product from Surya is extremely good. It comes with two brass burners and a 7 mm thigh glass top. It has one main unit, one medium, and a small burner.

Moreover, it has two pan support. You can easily cook your food and have a hassle-free time in the kitchen.

This gas stove mends well with the interior design because of its compact size. This automatic gas stove weighs 4 kg 500 grams.


  • Two years manufacturer warranty.
  • Well built product.
  • Easy to use. Light-weighted.
  • Revolving nozzle is there to make your work easy.


  • Shows some problems after a few months of usage.

10) Surya Hotterr Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Surya Hotterr Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove with 6 Months...

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This gas stove infused with the latest technology has everything a customer needs. It is designed by professionals to meet the interests of the people.

It has low gas consumption and comes with two brass burners. It has a 360-degree revolutionary nozzle and has a sleek design. It weighs about 3 kg 500 grams.

The press knobs make it easier for us to control the temperature level and cook the food.


  • The product is value for money.
  • Easy to use. Budget-friendly.
  • Can controls the temperature level thanks to its press knobs.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its well-built body.


  • Six months manufacturer warranty, which is less in comparison to other products on the list.

Buying Guide for best Surya Gas stove

If you are looking for Surya stoves or any stoves for that matter, it is very important to look for some of the most crucial factors. So, in this section, we have properly curated a buying guide while getting the right stove for your kitchen.

  • Temperature Controlling Knobs: Well, this is the most important feature a gas stove should have. The controlling knobs should be there to control the temperature while cooking. Different food requires variation in the level of temperature, so controlling knobs is a must.
  • Cost-Effective: This is the most important factor that would influence your buy. Most people like to buy stoves which are low cost and comes with great features as well.
  • Features Worth Considering: Every stove comes with features worth considering. There are features we should really look into a gas stove. Most people are always in a rush. So, they are customary in using stoves with a good heating element. So it’s mandatory that they get stoves with a good heating element.
  • Different Heating Element Options: There are different heating element options. They are spiral coils, radiant disks, solid disks, and magnetic induction. It would be better if you go for spiral coils and magnetic induction, which would be energy efficient.

Final Takeaway 

We have tried giving you every minute detail about the models of the Surya gas stove. Moreover, there is a buying guide, as well. So, following all these, you can get your hands on the right product, which will suit your budget as well.

We have compared a variety of products, checked their reviews, specifications. We hope this guide will lead you to your preferred product. Once you get the right product, that properly resonates with your preference, you are always good to go.