The 6 Best Butterfly Gas Stove Review

In this article, you will find 6 Best Butterfly Gas Stove Review. Indians love their food. With the sheer variety of cultures that reside in this country, you can be certain that the food here changes once every hundred meters. India is essentially a huge and complicated mix of different varieties of food, culinary culture and cooking styles. But if there is one thing that binds every Indian Kitchen together, it has to be the humble gas stove. The gas stove is an exemplary piece of appliance that has seen the transformation of the Indian kitchen from being the place for homely soul-food to a one where continental, gourmet recipes are made.

However, throughout this change, the one thing that has remained constant is the gas stove. It has undergone changes without a doubt. From being the simple LPG stove, it has now become a piece of designer appliance to deck up your elegant kitchen. Maybe the most important reason for the sheer presence of the gas stove is the fact that it is simple to use. The gas stove is the simplest kitchen appliance there is. It can literally be used by anybody. The gas stove also provides more hands-on experience in the kitchen. It lets you control the flame and direct the speed of the cook.

The Best Butterfly Gas Stoves – Detailed!

There is a wide range of gas stoves that are provided by Butterfly Gas Stoves. Some of their best products are listed below:

1) Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove 2

The Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove 2 comes with a glass top made of unique toughened glass. It is rectangular in shape and has a spill-proof design for the most convenience. The product has one year of manufacturing warranty and is only available in black colour. The dimensions of this product are 60 cm, 29 cm and 11 cm and it weighs around 5 kgs. This stove reportedly has very high thermal efficiency and comes with brass burners. There are designer knobs that are perfect for adding light to your smart kitchen. The uniquely designed pan support also works scientifically to make life easier and cooking safer. The nozzles can be revolved all 360 degrees. There are 7 different specialities that distinguish this oven from the rest. They are the stainless-steel spill tray, the sturdy panel, the smart lock pan stand, the smooth and well-crafted knobs, the rustproof powder coating, the rubber legs for safety and sturdiness, and the brass burners for completely convenient cooking.


  • The stainless-steel spill tray is there to make sure your kitchen stays clean and your burners stay out of damage and clotting.
  • The heat efficient brass burners are meant for judicious use of cooking gas to reduce wastage of non-renewable resources as well as money.
  • The panel or the gas body is flame retardant thus won’t get heated up or damaged.
  • The design is made specially to ease use, maintenance, cleaning and care.


  • This doesn’t have the auto-ignition feature available.

2) Butterfly Stainless Steel 2 Smart Burner Gas Stove

The Butterfly Stainless Steel 2 Smart Burner Gas Stove has a spill-proof design and ABS knob for durability and long life of the stove. It has extremely superior quality brass burners for thermal efficiency and fuel saving. The unique pan supports that come with this stove are 4.0 mm extra strong and provide a better balance of the pots and pans of various shapes and sizes, thus making cooking enjoyable and safe for you. The nozzles can be revolved all 360 degrees for better convenience. Cleaning of these gas stoves are very easy and less time consuming. These products are generally available in silver colour, and the body is made up of high quality verified stainless steel with a robust and firm structure that can contain heavy weighing utensils as well. The knobs are smart and elegant for firmer grip and better control of the flame for worry-free cooking. This burner is environment friendly because it promotes the judicious use of fuel and less wastage of energy which is very crucial in today’s situation of the world and is an extremely important factor that should be kept in mind while buying a gas stove.


  • The spill-proof trays help in keeping your kitchen healthy and clean.
  • The products are all ISI verified and thus your safety and security along with your consumer rights are not violated at all.
  • The gas stove is extremely versatile and utensils, vessels, pots and pans of all sizes and shapes can be fit in.
  • The knobs are well functioning and the whole stove is layered by rustproof powder.


  • Regular care is needed as otherwise the shine goes away and rust sits in.

3) Butterfly Signature 4 Glass Burner Gas Stove

The Butterfly Signature 4 Glass Burner Gas Stove is available in the black and red colour combination. The dimensions of this product are 79 cm, 68 cm, and 16 cm. It weighs around 10 kgs. It has a specially designed aluminium mixing tube for extra precautions of safety which has a brass jet and brass gas cock. It has an ergonomically designed and unbreakable ABS knob. The front panel is flame-retardant and makes sure no accident happens due to heating of the surface. The gas pipe has an extra thickness along with inner and outer coating top to avoid rust formation as well as to facilitate easy gas flow. This series of products is available in three different numbers of burners, 2 Burner set, 3 Burner set and 4 Burner set. The pan support, spill tray, brass burners and manual books are additionally provided within the package. The glass top added an extra style to your kitchen.


  • The legs of this stove are made heat resistant and made of reinforced polymer in order to put safety first.
  • The various numbers of burners are helpful as you can buy the one that meets your need.
  • The coating used all over is extremely durable, heat resistant, rust free and verified.
  • It guarantees perfection, quality and safety to its customers.
  • The enamel coating provided in the stove provides longevity.


  • The glass top of the oven makes it a bit heavier than other stoves.

4) Butterfly Rhino 2 Stainless Steel Gas Stove

If you are looking for a conventional gas stove with two burners, the Butterfly Rhino 2 Stove is the one for you. It is robust and practical and lasts very long. It comes with two gas burners, one big and the other small. The burners are made of a superior quality brass alloy and the body is made of stainless steel. The body is simple and sturdy and looks very elegant. This stove also comes with a 2-year warranty and weighs a decent 12 kilos.  This is one gas stove which does not come with any fancy frills but will remain a faithful appliance in your kitchen for years to come. Additionally, the burners come with uniform holes that increase the efficiency of the stove and make sure that it consumes less fuel than other stoves of its class. It also comes equipped with detachable spill trays to make sure there is no spillage on your kitchen slab.


  • It comes with a robust 2-year warranty.
  • The burners are made of a durable brass alloy and have uniform holes to increase fuel efficiency.
  • The gas pipe has protective layers on the inside and the outside to maintain a steady flow of gas and to prevent any rust formation.
  • The body is made of stainless steel and is tough and long-lasting.
  • It has four-spoke pans to support all kinds of utensils.


  • The flames on the burners are often rather erratic and controlling the heat is difficult.

5) Butterfly Grand 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

The Butterfly Grand 3 burner gas stove should be the stove of your choice if you are looking for an elegant gas stove with three burners. If you have a large family to feed and need three burners on your gas stove, this is the product that you should pick. It comes with one large burner, one small burner and one high flame burner. The burners are made of good quality brass alloys and have specially angled holes to increase efficiency. It also comes with a beautiful 7mm thick glass top which is resistant to scratches and is a breeze to clean, because it does not let stains stay on its surface.  This particular gas stove gets a one-year manufacturing warranty and is built to last. Apart from that, it also gets toughened ABS knobs for a sure grip and supreme flame control.


  • This stove has three burners to take care of all your different cooking needs.
  • The cooktop is made of 7mm thick, toughened glass that is stain and scratch-resistant.
  • It has elegantly designed ABS gas knobs that are good to look and also offer great control.
  • The burners are made of a brass alloy and have uniform holes to reduce the usage of gas.
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • It is built to look good inside your kitchen.


  • The glass is not resistant to high heat and has a tendency to crack under prolonged exposure to high heat.

6) Butterfly Prism 3 Glass Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Prism 3 Glass Burner Gas Stove comes with the guaranty of durability. There are three burners for simultaneous cooking. The easy to use pan lock takes care so that there are no accidents or safety violations. The spill-proof trays help in keeping the kitchen clean and healthy. The brass burners are essential for judicious use of LPG fuel as well as the classic and aesthetic blue flame that is created. It ensures maximum thermal capacity, i.e. maximum heat and energy supply so that the cooking doesn’t take longer boring duration. The ABS knobs too are beneficial as they are not only heat resistant, but also add a sleek aesthetic to your kitchen. It ensures more security and can be moved in all directions for regulating and controlling the heat in the best way possible for convenient cooking. The dimensions of this product are 87 cm, 49 cm, and 15 cm and weigh around 11 kgs in total.


  • The gas inlet is in the right side of the stove for convenience but you can change the side by customizing the product from the manufacturer.
  • There is a two-year warranty on the manufacturing of the product and a five-year warranty for the toughened glass used on the top of the stove.
  • There is an aluminium mixing tube with brass jet and brass jet cock for easy use.
  • The spill trays work magnificently to make sure cleaning and sanitizing the oven is never a big deal.
  • The front panel, as well as the cooktop, is heat resistant and flame retardant in order to ensure there is no harm during the amazing act of cooking.


  • There is no auto-ignition feature available for this product
  • The weight is higher due to the toughened glass top.

Buying Guide for Butterfly Gas Stoves

Given the sheer number of different features that gas stoves these days have, it can be super difficult to figure out which kind of stove you want. Gas stoves are no longer simple kitchen necessities, they are style standards and a measure of your aesthetic sense as well as the use of science and technology in everyday life. Nowadays there are hundreds of companies with hundreds of different models with so many features, you would be left flabbergasted. However, if you keep just a few key points in mind, the task becomes slightly easier. Here are a few features as a buying guide that can help you choose your favourite oven:

  • The Price
  • The reviews and ratings by previous buyers
  • The number of burners
  • The size of burners
  • The gas format of stove or hob top
  • The Auto Ignition Feature
  • Whether it needs electricity
  • The Fuel efficiency
  • The Brand
  • The Size of the stove
  • Warranty and guarantee


It is definitely difficult to figure out which gas stove is the most suited to you and your kitchen. There are so many different types and features, gas stoves have these days, that there is a high chance that you might end up buying a stove you do not need or one that does not meet your requirements. That is why it is so important to go through the buying guide given above and decide exactly what your requirements are. Once you have decided exactly what you want or what is best suited for your family, check out the Butterfly range of gas stoves and take home a gas stove your kitchen will love. Also, it is extremely important that you choose a gas stove which is checked and verified by the ISI because gas stoves are essential yet hazardous products and one can never be too sure about them.