How To Boil an Egg Using an Electric Kettle?

Want to know how to boil eggs in the electric kettle? Well, you are in the right place. Kettles can be used for more than just making a cup of coffee or tea. Like fried, scrambled, or poached, boiling an egg in an electric kettle is an art of its own and worth trying at least once just for the thrill of it! So if you are curious to learn more, keep reading. 

How To Boil An Egg Or Two In An Electric Kettle?

  • Place the eggs in the electric kettle and fill it up with water. A good thumb rule is to fill the water above the eggs by one inch. Also, make sure that the eggs don’t touch the heating elements present inside the kettle to prevent their breaking and making a mess inside the kettle.
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes for a soft egg and 15 minutes for the hard-boiled eggs. Most of the modern kettles are auto-turnoff. So, once the water inside the kettle boils the kettle will turn off automatically. If it isn’t the auto-turn-off kettle then manually turn it off as soon as the water starts bubbling.
  • For an egg that’s soft, boil the water once and leave the egg in until the bubbling stops. And for a harder egg, boil the water once and wait for at least 2 minutes and repeat this again 2-3 times. (An auto switch-off kettle here makes things easier.
  • Once the kettle turns off drain the water inside and gently remove the eggs. You can thereafter place the eggs in a cold-water bath to bring down their temperature.
  • Remove the eggs from the water bath once they seem to be cooled down. Now, peel off the shell and enjoy your kettle-made eggs with some salt and pepper.

Things You Should Consider While Boiling The Eggs In An Electric Kettle:

  1. Avoid overcrowding of the eggs. The number of eggs that you can boil in your kettle at a time totally depends on the size of your kettle or that of the eggs.
  2. Avoid using kettles that have exposed heating coils present inside which can lead to the breaking of the eggs when they come in contact with it. However, with some care, you can pull off this very with up to 4 eggs at a time or even more easily depending on the size of their kettle.
  3. Leaving some room inside, a breathing space in the kettle is generally a good idea which leads to the proper functioning of the steam cut-off tube.
  4. You can also tell if an egg is good or bad just by inspecting its behavior when in water like if it sinks to the bottom, it’s good and if it stays afloat then it’s bad.


An electric kettle can be used to boil eggs but you should do it with safety. Only add 2 or 3 eggs if your kettle is small. You should also make sure that the kettle does not have any exposed heating coils inside as it can break the eggs.

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